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  • Arrow Service thumbnail

    Arrow Service

    We know that for some archers, customized arrows are the way to go. Jefferson Archery provides custom arrow services. We want to help you craft the perfect arrow for your bow, style, and use. Check out our services below. If there's something else you need, ask any of our staff and we'll be happy to accommodate your unique needs.

    These services include:
    • Sizing and Cutting
    • Arrow Re-fletching
    • Gluing inserts
    • Arrow wraps
    • Custom arrow construction
    • Nock installation
    • Lighted nocks
    • Spin test
    • Custom arrow tuning (within 2 grains)
  • Bow Service thumbnail

    Bow Service

    Having your bow properly fitted for you is imperative for you to be a successful and efficient archer. Routine maintenance such as tune-ups and string/cable changes are necessary over time to keep your bow performing safely and accurately. Proper bow tuning will also give you more confidence in the field.

    These services include:
    • Draw weight/length adjustment
    • Sight install and axis adjustment
    • Arrow rest install
    • Center shot adjustment
    • Paper tuning
    • Cam lean/Cam timing adjustment
    • Chronograph
    • Calculate kinetic energy
    • Stabilizer balancing
    • Quiver installation
    • Lube & Tune
    • String/Cable replacement
    • Nock set/installation
    • D-loop installation
    • Kisser button installation
    • Peep installation and adjustment
    • Silencer installation
    • Reserve center serving
  • Crossbow Service thumbnail

    Crossbow Service

    Because of their orientation, crossbows require a bit of a different set-up than vertically-aligned bows. If you're shooting with a crossbow, make sure to take advantage of our crossbow services. Don't see what you need below? Just ask us! We pride ourselves on being one of the top crossbow pro shops in the region. We are an Authorized Ten Point Repair Center, however we are very well-versed in set-up and repair of almost all top crossbow brands on the market.

    These services include:
    • String/Cable replacement
    • Cam timing
    • Scope mounting
    • Draw cord replacement
    • Draw mechanism repairs
    • Retention spring replacement
    • Bolt selection/construction
  • Warranty Service thumbnail

    Warranty Service

    Our brands are all of the highest quality, however, we all know $#!+ happens. If you are in need of a warranty repair on your bow or crossbow, look no further than Jefferson Archery!

    We are an authorized warranty repair center for the following brands:

    • Mathews
    • Mission
    • Bowtech
    • Diamond
    • Gearhead
    • Elite
    • Ten Point
    • Wicked Ridge
    • Horton (post 2015)
    • Excalibur
    • Stryker
    • Ravin
    • Bear