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Bow Accessories

From arrows and sights to peeps, rests, releases, and more, Jefferson Archery has what you need to accessorize your bow and get you out shooting! Not sure what you need or not finding what you’re looking for? Our staff is here to help you with expert recommendations.


“Take Dead Aim.” – Harvey Penick

Famously associated with golf, this adage is more than appropriate for archery as well. Improve your accuracy with the latest and greatest sights from the industry’s top manufacturers. We carry a variety of multi-pin, single pin, and hybrid adjustable sights, and of course, peep sights in various sizes and colors.


The arrow rest is arguably the most integral piece of the bow setup. Even the best equipment can be rendered useless when paired with a poor quality or incorrectly set rest. Not sure which rest is right for your bow? At Jefferson Archery, we carry only the top quality arrow rests and our staff is extremely experienced in both rest selection and installation; we will be happy to help you with your decision.


Stabilizers offer help to the archer in two ways: first, by dampening any vibration that may resonate through the riser during and after the shot, making the bow quieter and less jarring to shoot; second, by balancing the bow in the archer’s hand. All bows balance differently and all archers have different preferences for their bow’s physical weight and balance. Ask one of our helpful employees about the benefits of our different stabilizer systems, and try one on your bow to see how it feels.


“Now what am I going to do with all these arrows?”

At Jefferson Archery we stock a variety of bow mounted detachable quivers and hip/belt target quivers.


Release aids help improve consistency and accuracy as well as making the bow easier to shoot. Jefferson Archery proudly carries T.R.U. Ball and Tru-Fire releases as well as a few other high-quality brands. We keep a full selection of index finger releases or wrist releases, thumb releases or “t-handles”, as well as gloves and finger tabs for our finger shooters and traditional archers. Come in and test-fire our releases and be confident in your decision. Need help choosing or want something we don’t have? Easy. Our staff is experienced in shooting all release styles from fingers to back tension and can recommend the perfect release for your shooting style or even special order one if necessary.


Protect your investment!

Archery equipment isn’t cheap, but take care of it and it will take care of you. Jefferson Archery is a proud dealer for SKB and Plano cases. Whether you are looking for a simple soft case to keep the dust off, or require an indestructible, waterproof, airline approved, and insured hard case; our expert staff can confirm which case is the right fit for your bow and help you determine the best style case for your needs.


Practice makes perfect! At Jefferson Archery we carry a wide variety of targets, including paper targets, 3D targets, foam targets, bag targets, crossbow targets, and more! We also carry target accessories such as stands, bow hangers, arrow pullers, replacement covers, and more. We are proud dealers for Morrell and Rinehart Targets.